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Fiesta Henderson slot player rewarded with $10m jackpot

As a Station Casinos resort property, Fiesta Henderson Casino is located just thirteen minutes from the south end of the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. สล็อตเว็บตรง The casino offers quality amenities and entertainment, including twelve restaurants and a 70,000 square foot gaming floor. Just recently, it was announced that the gaming venue saw a slot player earn a $10 million prize from the Megabucks progressive slot game.

This past Saturday, a man from Henderson known as Roger, was able to win the major jackpot prize by enjoying the progressive game at the casino. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Roger had moved to the area from Palm Beach, Florida just a few months ago. Roger told the Review-Journal that he visited the same slot game he always does when visiting and won $20 on the first spin. He then played four more spins and the big win was earned.

Roger knew on that fourth spin he had won something but not exactly what. Someone had to come over and tell him just how much he had won. With the win, five Megabucks eagles had lined up on the reels. The machine began to flash and alert that an attendant needed to be called and confirmation was needed.

The exact amount of the jackpot came to $10,192,523.88, an amazing amount of money to win just after a few spins of the slot machine. Roger must still be in disbelief as he stated in the report that he would not really feel like a winner until the money was in the bank! The lucky winner did tell his son about the jackpot but plans on keeping this win private, and out of the eyes of the public.

Fiesta Henderson slot player rewarded with $10m jackpot